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IT Leadership Podcast

practical tips for IT leads & IT managers

Melissa Marijnen
IT leadership Coach

I help IT companies (since 2017) get better results, by transforming their engineering leaders, from coders focussed on the short term, to strong communicative leaders who understand the bigger picture.

    You want your team leads, product owners and/or architects to take responsibility, and create self-steering teams. But what you see is a lack of ownership and determination, which leads to bad results.

    Your engineering leaders lack the proper skills and tools to manage expectations, help clients make technical choices, and have great  difficulty to understand the (internal) client in general. This hurts relationships, sales and overall results.

    Probably because the engineering teams are too much focussed on the short term tasks, and/or on meeting certain quality requirements that are not relevant. Because they don't see the bigger picture. Leading to scope creep and other inefficiënt ways of working.​

Now, can you imagine that your engineering leaders know how to turn these problems around?


Engineering leaders who know how to lead effective and strong teams, who understand the bigger picture, know how to communicate with business, and make sure deadlines are met?


This is what I do.

I work solely for IT companies who understand that their business results are directly linked to the performance of their engineering managers and team leads.


Interested? ​Send my assistent an email to schedule an online call.

"Okay, I have these problems and I am interested. I want to improve the quality of leadership and get the results we aspire. What do you offer to get there?"

Let's start with an online consultation (free of charge), during which we discuss your ambitions, the main challenges, and what I think will be a simple and very effective strategy to attain your business ambitions. 

Book your call here

What Clients say:

"Melissa understands our people. Because she has a great eye for complexity, in-depth knowledge for leadership, and is a tremendous coach. She challenges leaders. She challenges us. That is what she does.

IT Manager

"This program is going to change your organization. You need to be ready for that change. Because it is going to hurt. But the results are worth it. We all know that leadership and communication are the difference between failure and success."

HR Manager

"I understand know that leadership is not about being bossy, or giving orders, but about helping others, improving the status-quo, and understanding both the technology as the business. It's a new mindset.


Senior software engineer

In-Company clients:

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