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Take leadership over your career and impact. Do not let anybody else choose your next steps. Choose it yourself. 

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Ben jij CTO, IT manager, Chapter Lead/Lijnmanager of Team Lead?

Something is changing. You notice that just doing your job or delivering quality is no longer enough. You regularly see that things can be improved, but you do not have the mandate to really implement changes. You also lack the insight and the tools to convince others.


Wouldn't that be great. To be able to convince others.

To be able to build strong relationships. To connect with ease.

Share new ideas with ease.


Up to this moment in your career, your technical knowledge has brought you to where you are today. For that next step, something else is needed. And I'm not talking about soft skills. I'm talking about LEADERSHIP .

Leadership is all about courage. The courage to take direction, and convince others, not just your team but also the business side. It's about having those awkward conversations, that are needed to move things forward. To ask feedback on your own way of working, and be clear about what you want to achieve.

It's about dealing with procrastination. Dealing with perfectionism. Dealing with your personal blind spots.

That's what we're going to work on.

Not by talking, but by doing.

Are you ready?

Hey hello! It’s me Melissa, just hanging out in the hallway of B.Amsterdam’s 3rd building.

Hey, I'm Melissa Marijnen

The first question people often ask me. Why IT people? Short answer: because it clicks.


I like IT people. They are eager to learn, sweet (sometimes too sweet) and pragmatic, which means they are quick in applying and learning. My kind of people .  


I've been doing this job, ie training people to become inspired leaders, for about 15 years now, and for 5 years I focus on senior IT people. Helping the same clients for a longer period, so I am great at what I do.

I excel in confronting you with your blind spots, and challenge you to go the next level whenever I see you are holding yourself back. I also am strategic, tactical and make it as easy as possible, so we can take great leaps in a short amount of time.

This only works if we communicate openly and honestly. Not just me, but you too.  

Scroll on to find out exactly what we're going to do...

What customers say:

"Finally a program that connects to the world of IT. Someone who understands the context in which I work, and knows where my opportunities lie." 

"It's not that I wasn't aware of what I could achieve, but I never had the focus for it. Because of this program, I know what I want and how to get there."

"Melissa pushed me to get out of my standard mindset. Something I probably wouldn't have done without her coaching. And something I really needed to move forward. Now I'm lead. Otherwise I would have stayed a developer, and now I know I know what to do to become an architect. 

the big leaP:

6 months - Online - Custom-made

Ambitious Goals

This program is aimed at achieving immediate results. This means that we immediately start translating your ambition into concrete goals. 


You do not know what you do not know. That is why we will make you aware of what you are unconsciously incapable of. It will hurt, but functional pain. 


We also look specifically at the big picture. Where do you want to go? In 1 year, 3 years, 10 years. It is precisely that point on the horizon that keeps you going.


Because you have plenty to do. So we make it as accessible as possible. A simple approach that provides clarity.


The issues of the day no longer take over. You know what you want to do. Because the goals and steps are clear. With me as a check.


Bring on those questions. I help you with every little and big thing. You don't have to hold back anymore. The more the better!

OK, I'm interested.
And now? How does it work?

Mail me via the link below, and let me know when you want to book an introduction. During this conversation we will see if there is a click, if I can help you, and if you are interested in this program. I also share with you where I think you can really challenge yourself to take that next step.  Exciting? A little, but mainly sharpening and helping. See you soon?

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